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Who We Are

Connecting Cultures, Inc. was created as a response to healthcare’s need for interpreting services that matched the business style professionalism of those already working in the healthcare system. The only way to realize this service was to create a company that had interpreters as employees dedicated to the specialty that is healthcare. For more than 20 years we have been fortunate enough to serve the needs of hundreds of thousands of medical encounters and employ hundreds of interpreters. We have always done this through servant leadership. We look forward to delivering on our mission and vision while serving the needs of thousands more for many years to come.

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Now, more than ever, healthcare needs interpreters that add financial value to their organization. We need to stop talking about the encounter and start paying attention to the growing demand for a systems approach to interpreting services. This can only happen if interpreters are allowed to specialize via a career in healthcare. For more than 20 years Connecting Cultures, Inc. has seen how a systems approach can benefit organizations big and small. We do this with our scheduling, interpreting, training, account management and administrative team. We believe that working alongside our healthcare partners and integrating into their own systems creates the best opportunity for success. We have a motto at Connecting Cultures, Inc. that shapes all of our decisions: we are a TEAM because Together Everyone Achieves More!

Mission Statement

We have a mission of Connecting Cultures, Inc. in healthcare through language services. We do this by taking care of our staff and their families so they can support healthcare to serve the needs of every patient population regardless of language or culture.

Vision Statement

Connecting Cultures, Inc. will provide language access solutions, from designing a plan to delivering interpreter services, that are trustworthy and easy to use so every healthcare provider and administrator will gladly integrate interpreting services into their healthcare system. We will do this by putting interpreting talent into the marketplace that is so reliable that providers and patients can effectively communicate in every encounter.