Connecting Cultures understands the challenges and complexities of building and maintaining a successful language access program that integrates with your existing systems and processes. This is true whether you are a small independent clinic or a large health care system merging with another.

Like all things that are done well, it starts with a plan. In this case, a language access plan. The plan is your tool for implementing, managing and measuring your service delivery and business results. Together we create a language access plan that is yours and yours alone. It’s customized to your health care organization’s needs.

By collaborating with Connecting Cultures, your organization can develop the following:

  • A completely customized language access plan that can give the organization accessibility to qualified health care interpreters on demand
  • Increase productivity, ROI, provider satisfaction and patient satisfaction
  • Minimize issues related to risk management, quality management and legal issues
  • Repeatable and easy to use language access systems for the organization, its staff and its patients
  • Metrics that will measure the success of the installation and execution of your language access plan